Depths of Depravity

I’ve often heard it said in relation to the Gospel that you can’t understand how good the Good News is until you understand how bad the Bad News is. I think that’s pretty sound and true as it properly emphasizes our sin problem and need for a Savior.

I’ve encountered this principle reading in the Old Testament recently. Judges is well-known for stories like Deborah, Gideon, and Samson but the majority of the book is focused on the defeats and failures, not the incredible victories. It’s discouraging just how bad it got for the nation whom God redeemed out of slavery in Egypt. Blatant idolatry, religious leaders being anything but, civil war all concluding with  ‘everyone did as they saw fit.’ (21:25).

Thankfully God provided Samuel and David and for half of his life, Solomon. And even for many years after them, though the nation strayed from God, there were prophets to bring them back. And the process culminates in our wonderful and merciful King coming to earth to redeem us once and for all.

Isn’t God’s grace amazing. Even though depraved humanity continues to prefer it’s depraved state, our gracious God consistently responds with grace. Eventually he cuts it off and sends the punishment that we had coming.
But He is truly long-suffering and gracious and unchanging in that regard.

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