When one hurts, we all hurt

Former professor and Vice-President of Academic Affairs David Plaster has recently been seriously ill. The doctors are still trying to figure out exactly what’s wrong.

‘Pastor Plaster, the sinister minister’ was always one of my favorite profs during my college and seminary days. He was an enthusiastic teacher who loved history and theology. He made complex ideas relatable and relatively simple. He has moved on to be senior pastor of Worthington Grace Brethren Church but recently was hospitalized after experiencing some serious health symptoms.

His children have been updating a Caring Bridge journal at caringbridge.org  (type in ‘daveplaster’) and I can hardly imagine what they and the rest of his family are going through. One neat aspect about following the journal has been reading about specific individuals who have made the trip to pray and offer encouragement to Dave and the family.

I had one of our online students call earlier today after she heard he was in the hospital. She was in his fall online classes and shared her concern at the news that he was sick.

We love to talk about how Grace is a ‘family’ and how people are friendly and caring. At least when I bring that up, I think of all the positive activities and relationship-building aspects to campus life. The same is obviously true during trials and difficulty times as well. Our prayers are with Dave, his loved ones, his church, and his doctors as they seek out how to best treat him.

God is in control, He is good, and His grace is amazing. And our Grace family is rallying around these truths in a special way right now.

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