All about the benjamins

Last Sunday my senior pastor preached from 1 Timothy 6 about the importance of godliness/contentment vs. materialism.  In the original context, people were using ministry and godliness to try to get rich (vs.5). But Paul’s point is that true gain is found in the spiritual growth and spiritual rewards that actually last.

He states in vs. 12 that we should ‘take hold of the eternal life to which you were called’. I’ve read that verse before and one’s like it. On the surface, it seems like a classic case of ‘Christian-ese’. Yet as my pastor pointed out, when you consider the context, Paul’s point is pretty profound. We should cling to our eternal life and value that treasure rather than clinging to our wealth and material possessions.

That is such an important principle. My wife and I recently purchased our first house and in doing so, have plunged head-first into a part of adulthood we hadn’t been in before. It has been somewhat stressful but we’re happy to have moved into a bigger place. Yet we could very easily make the mistake of finding security in our house and our things rather than our relationship with God. We can enjoy our things as blessings from God (vs.17) but we must be striving for a greater purpose and living for Christ and Him alone.

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