A Culmination of Refreshment

I love our Graduate Chapels. I try to make it to each one (Tuesdays, 10 am Ashman Chapel). 
This week’s seemed to be a culmination of what started last weekend. As I prepared for teaching our College and Young Adult Bible Fellowship, I became increasingly aware of my own personal need to spend more quality time with God. I did in a small way on Saturday, but on Sunday morning I woke up with an upset stomach. I wasn’t even sure for awhile if I was going to make it. But I did and taught on Malachi 1 and the error of giving God our leftover worship. One of our students even brought up the point about giving God reserved and uninteruppted time.

I immediately went home afterwards and proceeded to get sick even more (I’ll spare you the details), but it was in this condition I felt convicted to give God more and better time in prayer and interacting with His Word. I began to feel better Monday but this lesson was still fresh in my mind.

And that brings us to this mornings’ chapel. The worship was powerful and focused on God’s greatness and Christ’s worthiness. Dr. Larry McCall’s message was from 1 Cor. 3 on how we make an impact that will last for eternity by building our ministries around whatever promotes Christ – because He’s the foundation we’re building off of, we ought to build with the appropriate things. That is a very crude paraphrase but it was all a culmination of refreshment that desperately needed. And all it took was an upset stomach.

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