American Idols

Idolatry –

In this day and age, that is only a term Christians use or refer to. And we only do it when reading and studying the Old Testament by and large. After all no one really bows before statues anymore. No one worships clay/wooden/stone images.

In a recent seminar with our own Dr. Harmon (I think, I didn’t cite him in the notes), he pointed out all sin is idolatry. Even in the OT, idolatry wasn’t only about statues and images. Ezekiel 14 speaks of Israel’s problem with idols of the heart. Anything that challenges God’s place as Lord of our life, Lord of our desires, Lord of our wills – that is an idol. He is our Master and we must submit to Him and nothing and no one else.

American Idols often include things like noteriety, security, wealth, practicality/efficiency, comfortability, material possessions. And those are just the ones that come to mind when I think about the American Church.

Are we sensitive to the daily battle that rages in our hearts between what God wants and what we want? Do we exercise faith and obey God’s leading?

We still struggle with idolatry today. Sure it looks a lot different, but it’s consequences are still destructive and it’s presence is still revolting to God.

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