Moving Beyond

The college’s theme this year serves as my title partly because I am glad to be ‘Moving Beyond’ my first new student orientation weekend. Last year I had just been hired as Director of Seminary Admissions and didn’t need to be around for much of anything. This year, it was all on me and our planning committee of Dr. Gill, Deea Breeden, Tonya Cardin, and Allison Bollman.

While I am glad to have that behind me, it was a terrific experience all the same. The energy level around campus is palpable. The new college and seminary students all seem happy to be here and excited for what is ahead. And it is a pretty special blessing to see students you’ve been working with come to campus and begin this next phase of their lives. God has brought them here and I can’t wait to see what God’s going to do in and through their time at GTS.

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