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Pilot Program Announcement

Friday, October 19th, 2007

Grace Theological Seminary began offering accredited online seminary courses in January, 2008. During this time Grace began the process of developing all new online course materials for the 48 credit hour for the MA Local Church Ministry degree. This process was later extended to the MA Intercultural Studies program.

The online courses will be offered in consecutive 8-week modular format through a web interface.

  • The online program will use an 8 week compressed format offering two courses a semester term and then one in the summer term from May to June. It will be fully online using adult learning techniques involving self-motivated assignments for apprehending the knowledge base and using problems or discussion board questions to engage the material collaboratively. The course material will imbed the content and the instructor will facilitate your finding resource material to continue your study. There will be a project of some type – obviously in 8 weeks not a 25 page paper, and it will be on a topic you choose of interest in the first week. The discussion questions in the first two courses will be taken from a list of topics identified as key to the discipline and the class will pick the ones that are of greatest interest to them to engage.
  • There are no tests or quizzes but students will be responsible for reading. Students will purchase more books so they have resources at home to complete assignments.
  • The first course to be offered in January 2008 will be Systematic Theology II (TH502) and the second course will be History of Doctrine in the Church (TH528) which will replace Survey of Church History (IS515).
  • A summer term will be added in 2009.
  • Students will only be allowed to take one of the 8 week online classes at a time. Other distance ed format classes can be taken at the same time, as well as residential course and modular format classes.
  • Since our online offerings will utilize an online vendor for delivery there will be a technology fee attached to every course of $125.00.
  • Regarding grading, forty (40) percent of the course grade will be based upon the quality of work done on the discussion questions. Forty (40) percent of the course grade will be the presentation/major project. Twenty (20) percent of the course grade will involve doing additional online research and bibliography collection (better known as weblography) and other learning activities as deemed fitting for the material.

If you have any questions about this update please contact me by email:

Dr. Mark Soto