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Thursday, May 20th, 2010

– Hello from warm and sunny Winona Lake! Thought I’d share something that I have been learning lately, about “perspective”…
– I participate on the church softball team at my church, Pleasant View Bible Church. And we have games every Tuesday night. This is something that my friends and I enjoy so much, that it often has been the highlight of our weeks! *Yes, I know, to some of you that may sound like a need for a life, but hey… we enjoy it!*
– Win or lose, it’s a lot of fun to go out to the diamond and play! Being able to have fellowship with fellow brothers in Christ is a blast, and coupling that with a sport is even cooler! Having my brother and some of my best friends on the team makes for some fun times.
– However, the last few weeks it has been rained out. And of course, we’ve been bummed, because we really wanted to go out there and play the games! But as I’ve (hopefully) matured over the years, I’ve been able to step back and see the bigger picture. I realize that not having a softball game is not the end of the world. I know that we need rain to keep the lawns green, and to keep the farmers’ crops growing. There is always a silver lining, even if we don’t realize it!
– Anyway, hope that is something that may be an encouragement for you! Having the proper perspective on things in life is so key, even if it means not being able to do one of your favorite activities ever!!

– John Franklin

Summer is here!

Monday, May 10th, 2010

Well, it is the Monday after Grace graduation, and it already seems so quiet around campus! Oh, how we miss the Grace students when they are gone for the summer. Not only that, but they also miss the most scenic times of the year in Winona Lake: the summer!
But going to graduation in our OCC gym and then to open houses last Saturday reminds us of how much hard work all these graduating seniors have put in! All the classes, homework, tests, etc all come together into a college diploma. Yet more importantly, over the years these students have grown into (hopefully) mature young adults, and this is what it is all for! The memories made and the friendships built will carry on into the years ahead…
May the Lord bless each of the graduating seniors as they move on into life! And may He also bless those who will be returning to us after the summer, ready for another year of learning and growing. This is all without mentioning our incoming freshmen class, which we cannot wait to bring in! Exciting times, for sure…

– John Franklin

Freshman Year

Monday, April 26th, 2010

Well, freshman year is ending and let me tell you it is crazy to think about! It seems weird to think that a year ago I was graduating high school. God has taught me so much this year and so much has changed since last fall. First, God has been so good. College has been such a learning experience. I have grown in my faith, my friends, and learned a lot in my classes. I think the biggest thing that God has taught me is to trust in Him. We all know that college is expensive, but seeing how God provides the funds is amazing. It is all a matter of faith and trust. Often times people say that college is where you will meet the friends that you will be with forever, and honestly this is true. I have made some amazing friends this year, and we have some crazy times together and we never stop laughing! God has truly blessed me. It is weird to think that three years from now I will be graduating! Ok I actually I do not want to think about that…I love college and thats where I am staying right now šŸ™‚ Piece of advice, do not wish away your year especially if you are in high school. Enjoy the last month or so, and then move onto college and see what God has for you there. Trust me, it will be truly amazing.

– Courtney Homoelle


Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Last night I had theĀ privilegeĀ to hear formerĀ IndianapolisĀ Colts head coach TonyĀ DungyĀ speak at an Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) banquet. I really enjoyed the opportunity to hear him speak and also to learn more about FCA and support such a great organization. Dungy spoke about being uncommon in a world that praises being popular and following the crowd. Obvoiusly, since Dungy is a former football coach, he directed the message to mainly athletes and coaches, but also made his message applicable to all followers of Christ.

According to Dungy there are two main ways to become uncommon in a sport. The first is by having an amazing God-given talent which no one can compete with. However, only about one percent of all athletes can become uncommon on talent alone. In order to be uncommon, the other ninty-nine percent stand out through their desire and attitude. Having a positive, determined attitude and a desire for excellence enables athletes to do things others cannot do and sets them apart.

After speaking about these two ways to become uncommon in a sport, Dungy explains that without Christ, it is impossible to be truly uncommon. In Matthew 7, the Lord talks about a broad gate and a narrow gate. The broad gate, although it is easy and is the popular way to go, leads to destruction. The small narrow path is the one which leads to life. Many people do not take this narrow path because it is hard and is not the way the crowd goes.

Dungy encouraged us to be aware of the example we are setting as Christians-to live differently/uncommon. Also, he warned us to be careful who we follow. So many people can lead us astray in our lives, but by following Christ we will always be on the right path and set apart.

After explaining about what an uncommon believer looks like, Dungy went into explaining how to become uncommon. The first way is to be a leader rather than just a follower. Lead others as you follow Christ doing the right thing rather than worrying about going along with the crowd. We need to be different, to be set apart for Christ.

After hearing Dungy speak, I was extremely encouraged to be uncommon-in everything I do. On the soccer field, in the classroom, and in everything else I do! Dungy ended his time perfectly by sharing Matthew 16:26: “What would it profit a man, if he gains the whole world, but loses his soul?” BE UNCOMMON!

– Marissa Bo

You’re Beautiful

Friday, March 26th, 2010

In the spring, students start breaking out the flip flops as soon as it hits fifty degrees here in Winona Lake. Everyone is out walking around campus enjoying the beautiful weather, doing homework, or playing the classic Grace College game of tennis golf. One of the best parts about living by a lake is getting to watch the sunset. My friends and I love walking down to the park, swinging on the swing set, and then watching the sky turn all kinds of red as the sun goes down into the water. Watching this reminds me of the beauty of God’s creation and how wonderful and powerful He is. To make something so beautiful is an amazing thing. I mean…He made us, His children, it does not get anymore beautiful than that. So, as the sun shines through your window on one of these beautiful days think about the beauty of God and how beautiful you are to Him.

Happy Spring Everyone! šŸ™‚

– Courtney Homoelle


Monday, March 22nd, 2010

While many Grace College students headed down south for spring break, I spent my week at home up north in Michigan. After the first half of the semester and a stressful mid-terms week, spring break was exactly what I needed-restful! The week was filled with rest, relaxtion, and catching up with friends and family.

During spring break, I was reminded of how the Lord provides rest to those who are weary. After taking mid-term exams the week before spring break, I was definitely weary and the Lord provided me with rest. In Matthew the Lord promises to give rest to his followers, “Come to me all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest” -Matthew 11:28. Not only was I able to catch up on my sleep to meet my physical weariness, but the Lord also gave me mental rest. He provided me a week in which I did not have to think about the stresses of classes, working, and all the other worries in life.

Now, after a week of much needed rest, I am completely recharged and ready to finish out the semster strong-God is good!

– Marissa Bo

Spring Break!

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

Well, all the Grace students have been gone this last week for Spring Break. Whether that is going back home to their families or visiting somewhere new, they are all gone! It is very quiet around here, and we definitely miss the bright and cheerful smiles of our students. While it is true we are getting lots of things done and organized for the Spring ahead, we do miss having actual students around the campus…
How beautiful it has been this week in Winona Lake, IN! Gorgeous weather, up into the 60’s. Just yesterday there were tons of people down by the lake, enjoying the warm, Spring temperatures. People running, walking their dogs, biking, rollerblading, playing in the park, etc. Definitely has all of us excited for Spring and eventually summer!

– John Franklin

Midterms, Munchies and Music

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

Today marks the third day of Midterm Madness, but I am proud to say that I took my last one this afternoon! Communication Ethics and Theories with Prof. Prinsen. A word to the wise: Study your brains out. And IĀ did take my own advice. One of my favorite classes this semester, it’s very thorough and discussion-driven. Who knew there were labels for what may be commonplace in our routines? Symbolic interactionism: conversation; Counterattitudinal advocacy: lying (hopefully not so much of that); Social penetration: getting to know you (The King and I, anyone?); and the list goes on and will continue to grow until people cease to exist…

On a positive note, this week was well-prepared for, with Grace students bulking up at the annual Pizza Hut Night on Sunday. For the low, low price of $2, students can gorge themselves endlessly (or for two hours) on the American version of an Italian staple. This night was arranged through SAB (Student Activities Board). Let me tell you guys, they know what college students want, probably because they’re college students too. Fresh, delicious pizza and dessert!

If any of you reading this have heard of Ginny Owens, let it be known that she was here yesterday for Chapel. I was so thrilled to hear her live, since I listened to one of her cds,Ā Without Condition, almost non-stop when I was growing up. Remembering the impact her songs have had on my life was amazing and made all the more real being able to actually tell her after Chapel. Probably one of my favorite Chapels all year. Her story is such an inspiration, and I highly recommend getting her music.

The weather has been amazing, which makes studying for midterms much more difficult, but it’s such a great lead-in to spring break! Most students will be leaving Friday, since there are no classes after noon. It couldn’t come at a better time, since we all need to enjoy the wonderful spring weather.

Which is your cue to go outside and play frisbee with your dog or pet of choice!

– Rachael Ramos

Party like it’s 1999!

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

Chapel, although one of the most impacting facets on campus, is only one part of our lives as students here. I mean, we also have Alpha Dining Commons, dorm life, studying, scholarship applications galore, and socializing.

The last is probably the most exciting, as we are building lasting friendships here. “Education comes and goes, but friends are forever,” I believe is how the saying goes… Right? In any case, socializing is one of the best things young adults can do, especially on weekends. This past Friday night, the Student Activites Board (SAB) hosted a 90s flashback dance. (I had trouble accepting this, because I was born in 1990 and I firmly believe that I amĀ too young to be attending a throwback event to the decade of my childhood. It makes me feel older than I want to admit. I’ll probably always be 19 and holding…)

Anyway, the event was hosted in Rhodeheaver, so there was plenty of room for dancing (no worries about bumping and grinding, folks). Freshmen through seniors danced to classics such as the Cha Cha Slide, Cupid Shuffle, Cleveland Shuffle, Blue by Eiffel 65, and of course, ‘N Sync. It was a fun and relaxed evening, full of 90s reminiscing about Full House, Friends, snap bracelets, Ring Pops, and the list goes on.

And what dance isn’t complete without dressing up? I didn’t see the Jellies, but I definitely saw the acid-washed jeans, vests, fanny packs, scrunchies, high top shoes, leggings and other fashionable items associated with that awesome decade. It’s amazing what a trip to Goodwill and a little creativity will produce!

All in all, probably one of my favorite events so far this year! And I’d like to ammend my previous statement. I thinkĀ this is how it’s supposed to go: “Homework comes and goes, but friends are forever!”

– Rachael Ramos

Living Authentically

Friday, February 26th, 2010

What does it mean to live authentically? This week in chapel we were asked this very question. Our speaker was Jeff Bogue, a pastor of a Grace Brethren church in Akron, Ohio. Jeff spent three days challenging us to live our lives for Christ. He pointed out that many times we think those who do not know Christ are the ones who are fakes when in reality it is those who claim to follow Christ that are living as posers. Jeff pointed out that knowledge is not everything. To truly know Christ we must be willing to trust that He loves us in the midst of our inconsistencies and failures rather than trying to hide behind a mask of perfection, trying to be happy plastic people. Jeff encouraged us to move away from the mask of perfection and live a life that displays our hurt, our love, our pain, and our joy. So what now? As Christians, we must live an authentic life. We need to completely surrender our hearts and our lives to Christ, we must be consummed by Him. The song “Inside Out” captures this idea perfectly. “My heart and my soul, Lord I give You control, consume me from the inside out.”

– Courtney Homoelle