Faculty and Staff Members of Grace College Honored for Years of Service » employee_recognition_luncheon-2386_2048x1003

Back Row: Glenn Goldsmith (15 yrs), Dr. James Swanson (20 yrs) Third Row: Dr. William Katip, Dr. Mark Norris (10 yrs) Second Row: Sandra Ide (10 yrs), Deb Musser (20 yrs), Leana Allison (25 yrs), Melissa Chappell (10 yrs), Deb Katip, Chad Briscoe (5 yrs), Dr. Roger Peugh (25 yrs), Dr. Nate Bosch (5 yrs), Susan Koser (10 yrs) Front Row: Sina Locke (15 yrs), Deonda Jones (20 yrs), Tonya Cardin (5 yrs), Collette Olson (20 yrs), Christine French (5 yrs), Scott Blum (10 yrs), Charlanne Wolff (5 yrs), Carol Vosberg (20 yrs) Not Pictured: Mike Alejado (5 yrs), Heather Johnson (5 yrs), Kim Reiff (5 yrs) and Mike Yocum (20 yrs)

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