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Tuition Reduction

First, we brought you a 3-year bachelor’s and a bachelor’s plus master’s in just 4 years total. Now, we’re changing the game and enhancing it again. The saving doesn’t stop there. This is just the start.

Imagine your tuition price diminishing each year. Now, that’s innovation. That’s A Measure of Grace. You don’t have to worry about the creeping price of tuition. Grace has you covered.

deduct years

You heard right! We’ll deduct another $500 for each year you are continuously enrolled. When you save $500 your 2nd year, $1,000 your 3rd year, and $1,500 your 4th year (off your first year’s tuition), that really adds up. Imagine paying less in tuition at Grace. No, don’t imagine it—come experience it!

The Bottom Line video Tuition Comparison