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Relief for the Bottom Line

Make your “Plan A” affordable.

On the way to a college degree, finances are typically one of the toughest adversaries you’ll face. Too often this means that families like yours have to sacrifice Christian community, intentional faculty relationships, and a biblical worldview for a “Plan B” option to attend a cheaper state or trade school.

Grace College has historically been among the top schools of our size in offering aggressive financial aid assistance, need-based grants, and overall academic value.

Scholarships for Academic Honors

Presidential Scholarship Competition

This invitation-only competition takes place February 17-18,
2017. Grace College awards 68 scholarships to participants
based on academic merit, writing, and interviews.

President’s Scholarship (1) - full tuition
Trustee Scholarships (2) - $80,000 ($20,000 per year)
Faculty Scholarships (5) - $68,000 ($17,000 per year)
Achievement Scholarships (10) - $56,000 ($14,000 per year)
McClain Scholarships (20) - $48,000 ($12,000 per year)
Winona Merit Scholarships (30) - $4,000 ($1,000 per year)

Merit Scholarships

These scholarships are automatically awarded
upon acceptance and are based on high school
academics. The criteria for the amount awarded
is based on GPA and SAT or ACT scores.

National Merit Finalist Scholarships - full tuition
Valedictorian Scholarships - $44,000 ($11,000 per year)
Salutatorian Scholarships - $40,000 ($10,000 per year)
Provost’s Scholarships - $36,000 ($9,000 per year)
Dean’s Scholarships - $32,000 ($8,000 per year)
Honors Scholarships - Up to $28,000 (up to $7,000 per year)
Miller Merit Awards - Up to $20,000 (up to $5,000 per year)

Average financial aid $15,000 per year

Average federal and Grace College financial award history
(includes federal grants, loans, and institutional
scholarships; it does not include state aid).

State aid increases this average for students who qualify.

Other Scholarships

In addition to the PSC and Merit Scholarships, Grace provides scholarships that vary in amount awarded and number of years renewable including:

Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches Scholarships - $5,000 ($1,250 per year)
Grace Diversity Scholarships - Up to $8,000 (up to $2,000 per year)
Clergy Children’s Awards - Up to $5,000 (up to $1,250 per year)
Transfer Student Scholarships - Up to $30,000 (up to $7,500 per year)
Church Matching Grant Program - Grace will match up to $4,000 (up to $1,000 per year)
Grace College Department Awards - Amount determined by audition or portfolio review and interview
Millennial Scholars Academy Scholarships - Up to $7,000 (starts at $1,000 per year +$500 each year
requirements are completed)

*all total amounts based on 4 years.
**combined institutional scholarships do not exceed cost of tuition.

The Bottom Line video Tuition Comparison