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Admissions Milestone Calendar Step by Step

Even before you apply, we want you to know we are here to help you and to show you that the admissions process isn’t as daunting as it seems. This helpful calendar is designed to highlight the most important calendar milestones during the year before you come to Grace. The step-by-step approach should keep you moving worry-free toward your goals and decisions!

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September October November
Fall / Senior Year
Take the SAT or ACT your senior year. Most students take the tests multiple times. For scholarships, we will accept your highest composite test scores through February testing dates during your senior year.



FAFSA opens October 1, 2016.


Apply Earlyapply

Apply early online and submit your high school transcripts with ACT/SAT scores. Grace will send you an admission decision, including merit award scholarship notification within 2 weeks! Early Action Deadline November 1.

Lancer Days
Come for a Visit!
Thur.-Sat. / September 8-10*
Friday / September 16
Friday / October 21
Friday / November 11

*Sibs Weekend



Early Action Deadline
December 1 (nonbinding)
File a FAFSA
(with your parents) AFTER Jan. 1, when their taxes are done.
FAFSA online
Go online and sign up for your FSA ID (you and your parents both need one).
Financial Aid
Award Letter

After your FAFSA is received by Grace College, you’ll get a packet in the mail from us.
Lancer Days
Come for a Visit!
Friday / January 20
Presidential Scholarship Competition
February 17-18
(by invitation only)
PSC is for high-achieving, academic honorees. To be considered for PSC, you must apply for admission by December 1.
March April
Early Registration
Early registration is for students who have made their deposits by March I. Join us for early registration and get a headstart on your college education.
Friday, March 17
FAFSA Dealine
FAFSA Application

Indiana students must file by March 10 to be eligible for state aid.
Review your financial aid package with your admissions counselor
Lancer Days
Come for a Visit!
Friday / March 31
Friday / April 7
National Reply

Make an enthusiastic decision to come to Grace on or before the National Reply Deadline on May 1.
Deposit Check
Your $200 Enrollment Deposit is refundable until the May 1 deadline. You may send a check by mail or pay online at www.grace.edu/deposit
Health Forms
Residence Hall and Student Health Forms
are sent to you once you have made your deposit.
Come for a summer grill out, games, and good time with others who will be joining you in the fall freshman class.
PreUnion is an optional gathering for all new and incoming freshmen. Have a blast playing volleyball and corn hole, tubing, water skiing, eating ice cream, paddleboarding, enjoying campfire worship, and more!
Roommate Notification
is emailed to your Grace account in early July!
Fall Semester Student Account Invoices
are mailed in July and due in early August.
Welcome Weekend
Students arrive / move-in!
August 19 at 9 a.m.
classes start
Classes Start...
Classes begin Monday, August 21, at 6 p.m.

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