Staff Directory


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Allebach, Craig

Chief, Campus Safety

Allison, Leana

Supervisor, Campus Post Office

Anderson, Jennifer

Administrative Assistant, Grace College Indianapolis

Andrews, Calla

Coordinator, Academic Support Services

Bailey, Gretchen

Senior Financial Aid Advisor

Barlow, Nikki

Admissions Data & Systems Specialist

Barr, Bill

Assistant Athletic Director, Associate Head Coach Baseball

Barros, Jacob

Network Administrator, OIT

Blair, Paul

Vice President, Business Affairs / CFO

Blazek, Joseph

Technician, Desktop Workgroup

Bloemendaal, Amy

Administrative Assistant, Center for Lakes & Streams

Blum, Scott

Head Coach, Women's Basketball

Bollman, Wanda

Coordinator, Admissions Office

Boyer, Monica

Administrative Assistant,
Graduate Department of Counseling & Interpersonal Relations

Bradley, Cindy

Manager, Admissions Office

Breeden, Deea

Student Employment Coordinator, Center for Career Connections

Briscoe, Chad

Director, Athletics

Burritt, Mark


Cardin, Tonya

Office Manager/Assistant for the V.P. of School of Ministry,

Carey-Becker, Marty

Director, Wind Ensemble,

Carlson, Steve


Chappell, Melissa

Staff Accountant

Church, Christi

Head Athletic Trainer

Crabtree, Aaron

Dean of Students; Coordinator, Music Programs

Criss, Eric

Director, Pep Band

Criswell, Kearstin

Coordinator, Student Involvement

Crumbley, Valerie

Administrative Assistant, Dean of Chapel

Decker, Allyn

Program DirectorORCA
Program DirectorMDQM

DeRenzo, Paul

Director, Special Events
Public Address Announcer

Devlin, Dana

Head Coach, Cheerleading

Ditmer, Janelle

Resident Director, Westminster, Kauffman Townhouse, Epsilon, Turner, and Stone House

Dulworth, Christina

Office Manager, Graduate and Adult Enrollment

Duncan, Denny

Director, Regional Education

Dunn, Tom

V.P., Strategic Initiatives and Planning

Ellinger, Jennifer

Administrative Assistant, School of Behavioral Science

Ellis, Karla

Secretary, Health and Counseling Center

Elsner Jr., James

Admissions Counselor, Seminary & Graduate Counseling

Fawcett, Tonya

Director, Library Services

Fenker, Susan

Administrative Assitant, Co-curricular Transcipt

Fisher, Judy

Coordinator, The National Institute (Youth Ministry)

Fitzsimmons, Kristin

Campus Director, Engineering Program

Flamm, Andrew

Vice President, Advancement / Chief Advancement Officer

Fluke, Don

Managing Director, Information Technology

French, Christine

Coordinator, Special Needs Services

Gareiss, Kim

Service Specialist, Business Office

Geiser, Amy

Resident Director, Indiana Hall and The Lodge

Gill, Jeffrey

V.P. and Dean, Seminary and School of Ministry Studies

Goldsmith, Glenn

Assistant Chief, Campus Safety;

Green, Tami

Administrative Assistant, Academic Records

Griffith, Kelsi

Director, Advancement Services

Grill, Stephen

Dean, Community and Non-tradional Education
Program Director, Non-Profit Management

Grossnickle, Al

Director, William P. Gordon Institute for Enterprise Development

Hall, James (Alex)

Coordinator, Online Design

Hall, Thomas

Director, Lancer Chorus

Hand, Florell

Systems Manager, School of Education

Harman, Lisa

Director, Human Resources

Harshman, Andria

Assistant Director, Athletics;
Head Coach, Women's Volleyball

Heinl, Madisson

Communications Specialist, Center for Lakes & Streams

Hepler, Dennis

Head Coach, Men's Golf

Hershberger, Margaret

Lab Instructor

Hopper, Jody

Administrative Support Specialist, Morgan Library

Hotchkin, Matthew

Head Coach, Men’s Soccer

Hubbard, Kathryn

Resident Director, Alpha Hall

Hudson, Pamela

Associate Site Director, Grace College Detroit

Huntsman, Kim

Coordinator, Financial Aid

Ide, Sandra

Coordinator, Student Accounts Manager

Jackson, Robert (Bob)

Regional Director, Development

James, Heather

Event Coordinator, Center for Lakes & Streams

Johnson, Clinton

Attendant, Gordon Recreation Center

Johnson, Heather

Head Coach, Softball
Director, Club Sports

Jones, Deonda

Programmer/Analyst, OIT

Katip, William


Kantenwein, Heidi

Admissions, Transcript Coordinator

Kantenwein, Shawn

Lead Campus Safety Officer

Kessler, Jim

Head Coach, Men’s Basketball

Kindig, Edna

Specialist, Accounts Payable

Koser, Sue


Laborde, Laura

Admissions Specialist, Online Education

Lambert, Aaron

Clinical Coordinator, Graduate Counseling

Lavender, LeAnne

Associate Director, Admissions

Lillis, John

Executive V.P., Academic Affairs

Locke, Sina

Executive Assistant,
V.P. of Student Affairs & Academic Services

Manahan, Ron

Senior Advisor to the President

McCall, David

Technician II, Desktop/Workgroup Services

Mencarelli, Brent

Resident Director, Kent, Lancer Lofts, Lampost Hall

Miller, Heidi

Associate Director, Job Development

Miller, Kim

Administrative Assistant, Strategic Initiatives
Administrative Assistant, ORCA

Moore, Scott

Director, Gordon Recreation Center; Coach, Strength & Conditioning; Head Coach, Women's Tennis; Assistant Coach, Men's Basketball

Muraski, DeeAnna

Associate Director of Internships; Career Institute Facilitator

Musser, Deb

Director, Health and Counseling Center

Neuhart, Joshua

Director, Athletics Operations

Olson, Collette

Administrative Assistant, Alumni

Palmer, Rhoda

Associate Director
Public & Electronic Services,
Morgan Library

Park, Rachel

Facilitator, Korean Studies

Park, Stephen

Director, Korean Program

Parker, Matthew

Ambassador for City Sites, Grace College Detroit

Paton, Robert

Specialist, Educational Technology

Peters, Arielle

Admissions Counselor

Peugh, Roger

Institutional Corrdinator, Campus Prayer

Pohl, Mark

Director, Admissions

Polston, Mary

Specialist, Gift Receipting and Data

Polston, Randy

Director, Applied Learning

Prater, Sarah

Executive Administrative Assistant, V.P. of Advancement

Prinsen, Karla

Assistant, Data Entry for Admissions

Raikes, Mark

Director, Institutional Effectiveness

Ramsey, Brian

Site Director, Grace College Indianapolis

Raymond, Deborah

Administrative Assistant to the Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences

Raymond, Jeff

Head Coach, Cross Country/Track & Field

Robbins, Steve

Associate Director, Technical Services, Morgan Library

Robinson, Andrew

Site Director, Grace College Detroit

Rosenberg, Daniel

Calling Counselor, Admissions

Sallot, Sharon

Development Officer, Grace Fund

Salsgiver, Elizabeth

Service Specialist, Online Education

Sauders, Charlette

Director, Financial Aid

Schram, Jacqueline

Associate Dean of Students

Schuh, Larry

Head Coach, Men’s Tennis

Sells, Myra

Coordinator, Prison Extension Program

Sharp, Kelly

Office Manager, Athletic Department

Shepherd, Cheryl

Employment Specialist

Sherman, Elma

Executive Administrative Assistant, Academic Affairs

Sikora, Beth

Campus Nurse

Sisson, Cindy

V.P. of Enrollment Management

Sloat, John

Resident Director, Beta Hall and Yocum Hall

Smith, Hannah

Coordinator, Admissions Visitor's Center

Starkey, Timothy

Administrative Assistant, Advancement

Steele, Rebecca

Coordinator, Helpdesk

Stillman, Dylan

Admisions Counselor

Stoll, Genevieve

Office Manager, Brandpoet

Swain, David

Analyst I, Client/Server Systems

Swanson, Jim

V.P. of Academic and Student Services;
Program Director, Master of Arts in Higher Education

Teevan, John

Executive Director, Regional Initiatives

Tellez, Carlos

Dean, Chapel and Global Initiatives

Terry, Denise

Director, Center for Career Connections

Vera, Sandra

Specialist, Payroll and Benefits

Vosberg, Carol

Administrative Assistant, School of Education

Voss, Michael

Head Coach, Women’s Soccer;
Director of Intramural Programs

Weber, Lawrence

East Regional Director, Development

Weimer, Greg

Director, Planned Giving

Weimer, Nancy

Executive Assistant to the President

Wise, Steven

Associate Director, Technical Services

Wolff, Charlanne

Part-time Counselor

Wolff, Peter

Associate Dean of Students

Woodruff, Arthur


Wottring, Bethany

Admissions Counselor

Yocum, Carrie

V.P. of Administration and Compliance

Yocum, Marsha

Administrative Assistant, Business Department

Yoder, Caitlin

Education Coordinator, Center for Lakes & Streams

Young, Anne

Coordinator, Special Events

Ziebarth, Tim

Dean, Online Education; Program Director, Summit Scholars




Andrews, Margaret

Administrative Assistant

Bieri, Phil


Blalock, Dennis


Buriff, Jeff

Supervisor, Groundskeeping

Caron, Tom

HVAC Technician

Denlinger, Keith


Enck, Jay


Hammer, Jeremy


Hankel, Matthew


Hood, Tim

HVAC Technician

Kleinhans, Emily


Kleinhans, Randy

Director, Physical Plant

Krogel, Anita


Landolt, Fred

Manager, Housekeeping

Marshall, Kaleb


Mauk, Denzil


Nissley, Rodney


Propp, Ty

Supervisor, Housekeeping

Robinson, Jim


Salsgiver, Nate

Supervisor, Set up

Shively, Tom

Preventative Maintenance

Smith, Sean

Supervisor, Floor Crew

Smoker, Luke

Office Manager

Stichter, Luke


Skinner, Randy


Targgart, Anita


Tew, Roger


Tupps, Tom

Supervisor, Equipment

Woods, JD

General Maintenance




Ackley-Jelinek, Kerith

Publications & Web Production

Breeden, Steve

Marketing Project Manager

Carey, Dave

Graphic Designer

Frazier, Matt


Grout, Dave

Senior Project Manager/Partner

Hauck, Jessica

Special Projects/Analyst

Jones, Andrew


Ringler, Chase

Special Projects

Sanders, MariJean


Sell, Vincent

Graphic Designer

Sterner, Danielle

Human Resources

Sterner, Kevin

Lead Art Director/Partner

Stoll, Genevieve

Office Manager

Lozano, Stephanie





Phenix, Justin

Manager, Print Shop




Baier, Sarah

Administrative Assistant, Sodexo

Bloemendaal, James

General Manager, Sodexo

Bornes, Polly

Cook, Breakfast and Grill

Bragg, Mark


Flowers, Jennifer

Retail Prep

Hamilton, Julia


Hight, Diana

Salad and Deli Prep

La-Follette, James

Supervisor, Retail

Lindemuth, Hal


Lynch, John

Manager, Catering

Manns, Jesse

Lunch Cook

Martinex, Humberto

Flash Cook

McGuire, Aaron

Dinner Cook

Miller, Marcus

Supervisor, Retail

Sandy, Dean


Shroyer, Benjamin

Retail Cook

Tupps, John


Vendl, Dennis

Head Chef

Yaggi, Robert

Manager, Production