First Year Experience

If you’re thinking about becoming a student at Grace College, or you’re a member of the 2013 Freshman Class at Grace, we hope to answer many of your questions as you prepare for your first year of college.

Welcome to Grace College!

At Grace, we provide a comprehensive program to assist first-year students in their adjustment to college life. It is our hope that Grace will become a fast second home for you and that you’ll feel supported as you discover and pursue God's calling on your life. The central components of the first-year program are Welcome Weekend (orientation) and Freshman Foundations (LAC 101). Throughout orientation and the course, freshmen meet in breakout groups of 15-20 students led by a Faculty Mentor and a Student Mentor (an upperclass student). These groups are designed to give first-year students the kind of support needed to adapt to college life. To being preparing for the Freshman Foundations course before orientation, read the Summer Reading Book.

Welcome Weekend

"Welcome Weekend" will be Saturday, August 17, 2013, through Monday, August 19, 2013. Welcome Weekend is the time when Grace welcomes new students to campus and introduces them and their parents to the Grace campus family.

2013 Welcome Weekend Final Schedule

A final schedule will be provided upon arrival on campus for Welcome Weekend.

Other Information

The Campus Book Store, Business, Registrar, and Financial Aid Offices are all open during Welcome Weekend to assist new students.

Meetings and other events are scheduled throughout the weekend to help new freshmen and transfer students learn about the Grace campus and community and to become familiar with expectations and the campus environment.

In addition, programs are provided during the weekend to help parents learn about the campus community, educational philosophy, and academic commitment of the college and its faculty and administration. New freshmen and transfer students are required to attend the events specified for them on the schedule.

Each parent will be given two complimentary meal passes for the weekend to be picked up at Welcome Weekend Registration. Additional meal passes for other family members can be purchased at the entrance of Alpha Dining Commons.

You will be given a final schedule of Welcome Weekend Events upon arrival.


To assist parents and/or family members, we have a list of available lodging in the Warsaw and Winona Lake area.

For more information about Welcome Weekend, call the Grace College Student Affairs Office at 1-800-54-GRACE, ext. 6466.

Freshman Foundations

Who Are We? Who Are You? What Is Our Calling?

These questions (and perhaps a few more) will be addressed in the Freshman Foundations (LAC 101) introductory course required for all freshmen. It’s designed to help students discover their God-given strengths, navigate through current college issues, introduce the student to the mission and expectations of the learning community at Grace College, better understand what makes Christian liberal arts education valuable, introduce students to the value of service in the local community and introduce the students to prospective departments and faculty within the institution. A primary component of this course is a small group discussion led by Faculty Mentors and Student Mentors where students are free to explore ideas with the guidance of the experienced staff and students at Grace.

Principle Faculty:

Jim Swanson
Jacqueline Schram
Aaron Crabtree

2013-14 Summer Read

In the Presence of My Enemies

Soon after September 11, the news media stepped up its coverage of the plight of Martin and Gracia Burnham, the missionary couple captured and held hostage in the Philippine jungle by terrorists with ties to Osama Bin Laden. After a year of captivity, and a violent rescue that resulted in Martin's death, the world watched Gracia Burnham return home in June 2002 with a bullet wound in the leg and amazing composure. In this riveting personal account, Burnham tells the real story behind the news about their harrowing ordeal, about how it affected their relationship with each other and with God, about the terrorists who held them, about the actions of the U.S. and Philippine governments, and about how they were affected by the prayers of thousands of Christians throughout the world.


Faculty & Student Mentors

The men, women and students below serve as Faculty and Student Mentors (sometimes called "break out group leaders") for Freshman Foundations (LAC 101).

As a freshman you will meet with your breakout group one or two times a week. Assisting each Faculty Mentor is an upperclass student called a Student Mentor. Together, it is their desire to assist you in any way possible as you transition to college life and begin to feel at home at Grace. Feel free to contact these mentors with any questions you may have—or just to introduce yourself and begin getting to know them.

Meet the Mentors:

Ty Propp

Physical Plant Set-Up Supervisor
Office: Physical Plant main door/SW unit
Break-out location: RC 23
Phone: 574.253.2230

Jared Burkholder

Assistant Professor of American and World History
Office: Philathea
Break-out location: PH 10
Phone Extension: x6006

Aaron Crabtree

Associate Dean of Students
Office: Indiana Hall 153
Break-out location: MC 106
Phone Extension: x6464

Rachael Hoffert

Assistant Professor of Education
Office: Mount Memorial, 3rd Floor
Break-out location: TBD
Phone Extension: x6145

Jacqueline Schram

Professor of Foreign Languages & Cultures
Office: Philathea 11
Break-out location: MC 101
Phone Extension: x6283

Jim Swanson

Vice President of Student Affairs
Office: Indiana Hall 142
Break-out location: MC 107
Phone Extension: x6473

Denise Terry

Director, Career Services
Office: Indiana Hall 153
Break-out location: MM 201
Phone Extension: x6101

Kim Kroll

Coordinator, General Student Services
Office: The Learning Resource Center
Break-out location: SC 210
Phone Extension: x6427

Laurie Owen

Dea, School of Education
Office: Mount Memorial 205
Break-out location: TBD
Phone Extension: x6184

Info coming soon!

Info coming soon!
Office: Info coming soon!
Break-out location: TBD
Phone Extension:
Email: Info coming soon!

Carlos Tellez

Dean of Chapel and Global Perspectives
Office: IH 150
Break-out location: TBD
Phone Extension: x6684

These mentors are ready and willing to help you as a freshman—whether you encounter a question about life at Grace College or just want a friend to share a meal or a cup of coffee with.

Other helpful resources:

Residence Life Departments/Majors Health Center Forms Career Services Computer Services Student Activities Academic Assistance


Email Student Affairs at or call 574-372-5100, ext. 6488.