Candidate Performance Data

Candidate Performance Data: 2012-2013

Grace College’s School of Education graduates demonstrate commendable skills and abilities. In 2012-2013, 55 candidates graduated in the various education programs. These graduates achieved degrees and licensure that provided access to various positions in the teaching field. The data and evidence below show the quality of the candidates in the School of Education. Additional data and evidence are provided regarding graduates from the School of Education.

Results of state licensure exams

Institutional Pass rates - Average of 2 years

Sep 2011 - Aug 2013

Elementary  Education


English Education


Math Education


Special Education


Social Studies Education


Art, Foreign Language, Business, and Life Science data are not reported due to fewer than 5 candidates taking the tests in the past 2 years.


Graduate survey data

When asked to rate their preparation in the School of Education, 88% reported that they felt either “Very well prepared” or “Well prepared” for their work as teachers.
(N=469 with 86 responses for an 18% return rate)

Average GPA of program candidates

The average GPAs of undergraduate candidates in the SOE show that the Elementary Education candidates have earned a cumulative 3.35, the Special Education/Elementary Education dual licensure candidates have earned a cumulative 3.35, and the Secondary candidates have earned a cumulative 3.48.

Average GPA of program graduates.

The 2012-2103 graduates of the degree programs in the School of Education have shown commendable academic ability. The average GPA for combined Elementary Education and Secondary Education graduates is 3.6.

Job Placement Rates

From a survey of graduates of the School of Education, 65% obtained teaching positions immediately following graduation. Others were not employed as teachers until more than a year after graduation. For all respondents, 86 of 476 total, 86% of graduates were employed as teachers.

Graduation Rates

100% of the eligible candidates in the School of Education degree programs graduated in December 2012 and May of 2013.

Title II Reports for the Last Three Years

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