Drawing and Painting


Welcome to the Grace College Art program! As an aspiring visual artist with a degree in Drawing and Painting, you will aquire a strong fine arts foundation to prepare you for career opportunities within two specialized disciplines in the art world. This major focuses on personal artistic development and self-promotional techniques.

The purpose of the Drawing and Painting major is to develop your abilities to create a wide variety of drawings, from contemplative studies to finished art, and to explore painting processes with an emphasis on the rendering of imagery.

While bringing practical, professional knowledge to the classroom, our faculty serves to encourage and challenge you to possess professional creative and technical skills and to develop a mature Christ-centered worldview.

Course Requirements for a B.A. or B.S. Drawing and Painting Course Requirements for a Drawing and Painting Minor


Examples of courses in this major:

ART122 Drawing II

Drawing II explores the expressive applications of the student’s drawing ability. Included are experiments with various media and problems in structural drawing, expressive sketching, and experimental techniques.

ART270 Life Drawing

This course focuses on the theory and practice of drawing life forms from constructive anatomical human figures to mammal and microorganism studies. The course includes field trips, sketch book journal development, and models.

ART318 Painting II

Students learn the advanced techniques and skills in the oil medium. Themes will include landscape, still life, and the portrait.

ART324 Watercolor Painting

This course is an introduction to basic watercolor methods and techniques. Students will develop an understanding of transparent watercolor by exploring the mechanics of the medium with assignments designed to combine basic techniques with the realm of creativity and expression.

ART450 Advanced Problems in Drawing and Painting

The student pursues a personal style by concentrating on a specific approach, media, and theme in drawing and painting. Emphasis is given to the development of a visual statement supporting personal interpretation.