Art Education


Welcome to the Grace College Art program! As an artist with a passion to teach, you will gain through an Art Education degree the qualifications to teach a broad range of visual arts media in grades K-12.

Fully accredited, the teacher certification program is endorsed by the state of Indiana, and the Association of Christian Schools International.

The purpose of the Art Education major is to advance your personal artistic specialty while developing knowledge, skills, and competencies in lesson planning, curriculum development, art production, classroom management, and instruction.

The faculty serves to encourage and challenge you to become competent as an artist and teacher while developing a mature Christ-centered worldview.

Course Requirements for a B.S. Art Education


Examples of courses in this major:

ART130 Photography I

An introduction to the fine art of photography, this course will emphasize creative and technical aspects of black-and-white photography. Study will include composition, aesthetic awareness, darkroom procedures and alternative processes.

ART212 Three-Dimensional Design

This is an introductory course to the varied principles of three- dimensional design. Projects explore traditional and modern materials such as clay, wood, plastic, and metal.

ART250 Computer Graphics: Design I

This computer laboratory course for the graphic designer concentrates on all aspects of desktop publishing for print and web page design and layout. Software covered includes Adobe InDesign and Adobe Dreamweaver.

ART312 Methods of Teaching Visual Arts K-12 

An experience-based visual arts methods course for prospective art teachers. Instructional strategies used to teach K-12 students the basic elements of creating and producing visual art forms will be introduced.

Methods for integrating a variety of media, tools, and processes, teaching art history, art criticism, and aesthetics will also be presented. Developing lesson plans, implementation and assessment are included.

ART315 Printmaking

This is an introductory survey course in the traditional media of printmaking. Students apply their drawing and design skills to express their ideas through application of printmaking methods such as woodcuts, linocuts, intaglio, serigraphy, and lithography.