A.D.N. (Associate Degree in Nursing)


The Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) program on the Grace College campus is through Bethel College School of Nursing in Mishawaka, Indiana. The Associate Degree is a two year program that prepares students to take the state board exam for licensure as a registered nurse. For more information about the nursing admission requirements, please contact the Grace Nursing Coordinator, JoLynn Reimer at reimerjj@grace.edu

To learn more, see Bethel's program details.

Course Requirements for the ADN


Examples of courses in this major:

PSY 1100 Introduction to Psychology

An introduction to psychology as the study of human behavior. Basic principles of psychology will be explored including the process of learning, memory, perception, sensation, motivation, and emotion. Personal and social aspects of human development will be emphasized.

BIO 3210 Anatomy and Physiology I

The study of the basic gross and microscopic anatomy with an introduction to body organization, cytology and histology. This course includes an in-depth study of several major organ systems.

BIO 3310 Anatomy and Physiology II

Anatomy and Physiology II is a continuation of Anatomy and Physiology I with a focus on the remaining organ systems.

BIO 3510 Microbiology

An introductory study of microorganisms dealing with the morphology, physiology and cultivation and identification of microbes and their role in the environment. Other areas studied include: immunology, genetics, metabolism, food, preservation, and diseases.

CHM 1010 Introduction to Chemistry

A course designed to give the student a broad introduction to general, organic, and biological chemistry. The lecture emphasizes general chemical concepts while the laboratory concentrates on techniques and data handling.