Transferable Skills

Skills Based on Life and Work

Transferable skills are those abilities that students acquire based on life and work experiences, liberal arts education, extra-curricular activities, and community involvement.They are universal skills which transfer from one type of work to another without much effort on the student’s part or training from the employer.Transferable skills are not specific to any one academic discipline; rather, they are the cognitive, academic, interpersonal and communication skills that apply to and are necessary to demonstrate competency in many different work settings.

In order for OSI students to effectively transfer their skills between organizational contexts and from the classroom to a corporate environment, they must also understand what that context is.  For those students, the context for practicing transferable skills is the Warsaw/Kosciusko County area. Consequently, OSI students must understand the role and impact of these industries in the community, its current structure, and its response to changes in the environment. 


Goal 1 - Communication:

  • Students will skillfully express, transmit and interpret knowledge and ideas in an organizational context. Students will communicate effectively in various mediums by listening attentively, and by speaking, expressing ideas, and reporting information clearly.
  • Students will effectively negotiate, persuade, and assert themselves in various contexts.
  • Students will recognize their own and others’ verbal and nonverbal cues and respond in ways relevant to the situation.

Goal 2 - Organizational Effectiveness and Leadership:

  • Students will search for specific knowledge and conceptualize future needs and solutions for meeting those needs.
  • Students will propose solutions by brainstorming ideas and creative reasoning.
  • Students will formulate goals and identify resources to solve problems.
  • Students will evaluate the impact of corporate culture and climate on decision-making.

Goal 3 - Human Relations:

  • Students will use interpersonal skills to work with individuals and groups in the completion of tasks and fulfillment of goals.
  • Students will demonstrate understanding of teamwork and group process as they relate to decision-making.
  • Students will coordinate tasks to fulfill organizational goals.
  • Students will develop effective work relationships despite social differences.
  • Students will motivate others by demonstrating enthusiasm and initiative.

Goal 4 - Personal Career Development:

  • Students will employ the day-to-day skills necessary for effective production and work satisfaction.
  • Students will synthesize their professional ethics and Christian worldview in the evaluation of situations.
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to learn from experience and diverse sources.
  • Students will evaluate their own learning style and preferences and acquire useful learning strategies to integrate those preferences.
  • Students will identify and adjust their own impact on various corporate systems.