Ministry Leadership


Students pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Ministry Leadership can pursure their passion and calling for ministry as they prepare to lead others in lives of service. Students are connected with area organizations in an urban environment where they develop and apply the basics of mission.


Examples of courses in this major:

Church Ministry: Outreach and Care

This course focuses on evangelism, missions, social involvement, pastoral care, and Christian education. This course assists the student to deal with issues both personal and in family life, the management of time, human resources, and material resources.  

Nonprofit Financial Management

This course provides both basic and advanced financial planning and management skills necessary in today's nonprofit organization. Successful financial planning and business development strategies will be combined to create a financial plan which achieves the goals of the organization. Included are basic principles of managerial accounting. Fund accounting, budgeting, cash flow analysis, expenditure control, long-range financial planning, audits, and grants and contracts are studied, as applied to nonprofit organizations.

Wisdom and Leadership

This course examines how worldview, critical thinking, creativity, intuition, and intelligence interact to support wisdom in leaders. The relationship between scholarship and wisdom will also be considered, as well as ways to facilitate wise decision-making and problem solving.