A Bachelor of Science in Management offers exciting opportunities that help launch business careers. Students learn through experiential internships and practical assignments that are matched with their talents, interests and gifts. Potential job opportunities are a business analyst, events coordinator, human resource manager, marketing specialist, project leader, business start-up business owner, and more! 


Examples of courses in this major:

Principles of Management

This course will survey the role of managers in organization: planning, organizing, leading and controlling. We will explore leadership styles and techniques, preparing students to solve problems and apply effective decision- making processes in their environments.

Business Law

Students study the basic legal principles which control modern business transactions. Additionally, the course deals with such topics as contracts, agencies, employment, negotiable instruments, property, sales and business relations with government. 

Business Spreadsheets Applications

Students advance their skill and confidence in using the workbook, database and output capabilities of Microsoft Excel. Focus is on understanding the advanced features of Excel and key issues of design and advanced output capabilites of spreadsheet programs.