Cooperative Assistantship

This ten to fifteen hour per week paid position is a collaborative effort between the Grace College Graduate Department of Counseling and Interpersonal Relations (GDCIR) and the Bowen Center. This position will be considered experiential learning with little academic structure. The parameters, expectations, and outcome may vary depending on the specific area in which the student participates at the Bowen Center. This type of coop position provided by the Bowen Center is mental health technician position. Possible training experiences may include but are not limited to, assisting with group therapy preparation, supervision, clerical work, chart reviews, and assisting at the community partnership program at Enchanted Hills in Syracuse (mileage included).


Students must meet the following requirements to be considered for and to maintain a coop position:

  1. Be admitted into the GDCIR with regular status by August 15.
  2. Be registered as a full time student (twelve hours).
  3. Maintain program academic standards.


The following guidelines will apply:

  1. The paid position will be limited to a maximum of 15 hours per week.
  2. The Bowen Center will be responsible for job supervision for one academic year.
  3. There will be no academic evaluation by the graduate school faculty.


Hiring will take place through the following procedure:

  1. An applicant must apply and be accepted into the GDCIR.
  2. Once accepted, interested applicants need to contact the GDCIR Chair in order for review approval to proceed. Once approved by the Department Chair, applicants can fill out the Bowen Center application.
  3. Applicants can then submit the application to Anne Lawson at the Bowen Center. Please notify Anne to indicate if you are interested in the coop position.
  4. The final decision for employment will be made by Bowen Center personnel.
  5. Decisions to terminate employment will be made by the Bowen Center.

Bowen Center Location and Contact Information

Address: 850 North Harrison, Warsaw, IN 46580
Contact: Human Resources Director
Phone: 574.267.7169

Bowen Center Description

As a comprehensive community mental health center, the Bowen Center offers a wide variety of mental health services. The Bowen Center, rural in composition, historically and currently recognizes its responsibilities and commitment to all geographic segments of its service area. This commitment has translated into the decentralization of many services to the fullest extent possible in light of the Center’s capital, fiscal, and staffing resources. The administrative office and inpatient facility are located in Warsaw (Kosciusko County).

County offices provide outpatient and emergency services, with other specialized services offered depending on the need at each location. No resident is further than a 20 minute drive to a county office of the Center. The Center’s current staff (approximately 203 total FTE’s) consists of M.D. psychiatrists, Ph.D. psychologists, MSW and ACSW social workers, master’s and bachelor’s level therapists, chemical dependency therapists, registered nurses, mental health technicians, administrative and support personnel.

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