Grace Through Video

On Top of the World

What does it look like to become a Grace College Lancer? Follow three students on their journeys as they grow up and move to college, and their journey through Grace.

Beyond Grace

Choosing the right school can be tough. Explore the campus like never before and see why Grace College is the right fit for you.

One Moment - Grace Athletics

What does it mean to be Grace Lancer? Watch this video to find out.

A Brilliant Choice

There are thousands of schools out there. Only a few choose Grace, because of its character, competence, and service.

A Glimpse of Grace

Check out the campus life here at Grace College & Seminary.
Want to learn more? Feel free to give us a call at 574.372.5100.

A Message from the President

Grace College & Seminary's sixth president, Dr. Bill Katip, explains his vision to keep the mission the same, but to change the methods.

A Grace Parody

What's better? Grace or no Grace? It's not complicated, Grace is better, but let's see what these kids have to say.

What Grace Looks Like

Get a good glimpse of Grace, and see what it's like here!