3- & 4-Year Degree Programs

We’re proud to offer a three-year accelerated degree option for students in every major. Not only does research indicate the benefits of a shorter, more intensive learning environment, but it’s also more affordable.

A Grace accelerated degree means:

  • Less Time

    An accelerated degree means you can be career-ready, having real marketplace and ministry impact one year sooner! With Grace’s accelerated three-year bachelor’s degree, you can complete your undergraduate education and get out into the workplace sooner, save money, and still experience everything Grace has to offer.

  • Less Money

    Though Grace is a four-year liberal arts college, academically aggressive students can take advantage of an accelerated degree option that significantly reduces the cost of a college education. At the same time, a new curricular model provides more time for contextual experiences and applied learning.

  • More Options

    Under the new curriculum, students will be able to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in either three or four years, or may take advantage of a combined bachelor’s and master’s degree in four years. In order to complete an accelerated program, students must take at least 18 credit hours per semester, and complete at least 12 online credits total during the summers. Students who are not admitted to Grace under normal admission standards and/or who do not maintain a 3.0 GPA will not be able to register for more than 8 credits per session, and therefore will be ineligible to participate in the accelerated track.

  • More Experience

    All students must complete at least 12 credit hours of applied learning, such as study abroad, internships, student leadership, applied research, or student teaching. Applied learning opportunities are designed to help students gain experience in the real world.

With the three-year option, students will spend less money and start earning more quickly. Grace believes that with an accelerated degree, extra earned income, and a little creativity, a lot more is possible. Check out more information about our three-year accelerated program.


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